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Marvin Violin cable tailpieces have all the advantages of enhanced sound and harmonics, enhanced bow response reduced wolf tones and softer string feel due to the additional elasticity. 

Violin installation instructions (PDF)

In order to minimize the mass of the tailpiece and reduce the potential for wolf tones, traditional fine tuners are not used with this tailpiece. Some players choose to just use traditional pegs and others use Wittner Geared Pegs© or Knilling Perfection Pegs©. Either of these pegs are great companions to the Marvin Tailpiece. Another option is to use the kind of fine tuner used on the Chinese string instrument, the erhu.(pictured below and available at : erhu "fine tuner")

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  • Violin 4/4 Size 4-string Tailpiece
    Violin 4/4 Size 4-string Tailpiece
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