Marvin cable tailpieces are a totally new tailpiece design for cellos and double basses that provide:

Greater Sound and sustain

* Less mass/weight muting the vibration of the bridge

* Single cable across the saddle does not stabilize the bridge allowing freer movement and vibration

* Greater elasticity of tailpiece allows freer bridge movement and vibration

Faster bow response

* The bridge comes to full vibration faster because tailpiece does not slow the response

* Reduced wolf tones Tailpiece buffering eliminates impact on wolf tones. Wolf tones emanating from the tailpiece or strings below the bridge are eliminated

Softer feel when fingering

*Additional elasticity of cables allow the strings to be deflected by the left hand with less force. The tension of the strings is not different , just the elasticity (ability to stretch)

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    Marvin Cable Tailpieces is a US business that designs and creates cable tailpieces for bowed string instruments. The company was founded by Kevin M...


"I was happy with my bass before, but now I'm thrilled! Kevin Marvin's tailpiece opened up my sound. The response time is quicker and the sound has more overtones, which helps greatly with projection!"
Dr. Anthony Stoops
Professor of Double Bass
University of Oklahoma

"Ever since I put your tail-wire on my bass, I immediately noticed an improvement in the brilliance and the resonance of my instrument. Thank you for developing this great concept and invention!"
Volkan Orhon
Professor of Double Bass
University of Iowa

"My first impression of your tailpiece is that it makes my bass louder and that I can access higher harmonics. Very impressive. I look forward to playing with it more. Bravo!"
Mark Dresser
Professor of Music
University of California, San Diego

"The cable tailpiece brought new life to my old basses and there's no going back."
Tony Connaway
Bassist, Hartford Symphony Orchestra

"I installed the tailpiece and it sounds great!!! I honestly feel as if I traded my bass in for something better. The bass is more present yet clear. Thank you so much."
Ian Narlock
Texas Tech University

"My bass has always had a problem with slow response time, and many wolf tones, but since I installed the cable tailpiece, all of the wolf tones have disappeared, and my bass is much louder clearer than ever before. I always receive compliments on the tone and responsiveness of my bass now. This tailpiece did miracles for my bass, highly recommend!!"
Bill Zauner
Texas Tech University

"After using Kevin Marvin's wire tailpiece, my already
beautiful sounding bass gained even more volume and sound without losing any warmth of tone! I suggest anyone who is open to having a louder more free playing bass should definitely try it."
Patrick O'Hara
Bassist and Teacher